Sunday, April 8, 2012

pinspiration friday..... on monday

If you type in Denim Rug into Pinterest, you get some pretty cool, 
Denim rugs.   I first saw a denim rug on Good Luck Charlie. (by the way
I love that show and I think they may have created Amy Duncan after me) 

I thought it would be cool to have a rug like that for where Maddie 
plays. and I have been collecting Jeans for a while. 

So I started cutting... and piecing.... 

and this is my take on it. 
The kids think it makes a cool blanket...
(they only do it because they know it drives me nuts.... ) 

I think it turned out cool... 
broke an entire package of needles... 
Didn't have any denim needles and I am impatient.... 
It was a bear to put this whole thing thru my sewing machine... I did 
stitch on some pockets at the end. I love how that turned out

When I pulled out my camera Maddie ran over to be in the pictures... 

this is her  morning hair... 
hasn't been brushed yet look. 
(she looks a bit crazied eyed in this one... )

She thought it was cute to peek out of her tent. 
(we made that for her around Valentines day.) 

Yup, she's awful cute and sassy.... 
kinda like a teenager but really short.... 

what have you made off your pinterest board ?? 

and in other news I was blessed this week to have 3 photography jobs...
I took did a family with a 2 year old and  a 3 month old on Saturday. 
If your interested in taking a look...


Friday, April 6, 2012

pinspiration Friday

Pinspiration Friday postponed until Monday....
Sorry to disappoint  all my fans... haha..
 but i had a job this morning run longer then i thought. 
so I will  do my post on Monday. 
  It does involve cute pictures of the crazy haired little girly....
and the rug she happens to be laying on.
Hope you come back....

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I did a job yesterday, maternity photos.

I was actually pretty nervous. 
I haven't done maternity photos yet and this was my first time. 
Although I have asked many people..
(LOTS & LOTS of pregnant woman)
Andrea was the first one to take me up on the offer.

I made a list. 
A list of ideas... 
and anyone who knows me knows 
I, Amy Rehbein, am not a list maker. 

I actually never looked at the list once I was there. 

The other thing new to me was the use of props. 
(well, I am not even sure that baby shoes and a few ultrasound pics qualify...) 

But I am glad I asked her to bring them. 
I had so much fun.
This is her first pregnancy and she is having a little boy.

Something that I know nothing about.... being blessed with 3 girls.

this one was one of my favorites. 
She was so happy and comfortable to work with. 

She was a good sport too... she humored me. 
and she was just lovely. 
I think woman just ooze loveliness while
they are expecting. 

and I had to do this one.. just because, 
and I am glad I did ! 

When she asked me where we should go to do the photographs 
 I told her I could suggest places but it really 
should be somewhere special to her. 
She picked a local park 
she grew up in a house away from this park and it is where 
she and her love... shared their first kiss. 
actually it was right in front of this wall... 
so I love this picture because I am sure it will be a reminder of 
where she first kissed him. 

anyway, she is lovely and was a wonderful subject. 
And I am so happy that I was part of documenting her journey. 

What a glorious day we had. 

Her baby boy is coming in June. 

Can't wait to photograph him. 

thanks for looking... 
come back tomorrow for Pinspiration Friday.... 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I love to create... 
Maybe I have mentioned that before on this

It does something to me... 
it has some sort of soothing effect over me. 

to be honest, 
I couldn't even get out of bed yesterday. 
YUP, depression is a wonderful thing. 
Satan knows  what to say...
right into my listening ear. 

Just lovely. 

my bestie... she knew something was up. 

How could we be thousands of miles apart and she just knew. 
well, of course it is a God thing. 

She was praying for me. 

(LOVE LOVE LOVE you Jen!) 

anyway, anyway, anyway....

I got out of bed today. 
I went to my computer and started to create. 

I helped out one of Jen's friend with a new blog header. 

you can run over and see it here. 

I sometimes wish that they had the internet and whatnot 
when I was in High school. 
Not sure why but I understand it. 
I am a self taught Photoshop user. 
I can figure this stuff out... 

crazy to me because I don't ever think of my brain being able to work that way. 

but for some reason it does. 
and I can do it. 

this was a fun way of getting my head out of the dumps and looking up. 

maybe I have  some sort of future in this.

who knows....

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