Thursday, November 1, 2012

mr. bear

We were driving along and suddenly off the side of the road... 
Sara yells out, " BEAR" 
oh, yup. 
that is a black bear. 
and so of course I had to get some shots. 
(I did stay in the car ) 

HE was just sitting there scratching his ear. 

They are incredible animals from a distance. 

Hope your having a great day. 
I still have kids at home that have missed a week of school because of Sandy, 
Gas lines like nothing I have ever seen since I was a kid in the 70's with the 
gas crisis. (does anyone else remember that?) 
Also what is surprising to me are the amount of people just out walking. 
It is kinda nice to see. 

anyway. we are blessed. Even in the mist of  all this destruction and ugliness. 



Paul said...

WOW!! Was that up by Overbrook??

...and good to point out how lucky we really have been-these kind of events really puts things in perspective - you realize what is REALLY important & what is truly trivial.

Stay warm!!!

Rachael said...

That is so cool!

ginanorma said...

nooooooo way I can NOT imagine! So so incredible, awww baby bear, neat.


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