Sunday, November 11, 2012

my man

God has blessed me. 
Not only once but twice. 
When  we screwed up our marriage... 
God Forgave us enabled us to Forgive Each other 
and so Graciously Healed our Marriage 
He Restored it so we could grow together and be a more
perfect union for Him. 

I LOVE and Adore this man. 
He is the most special Man. 
He is the silent type. 
But when he does speak...
They are pearls of wisdom. 
We got too enjoy an entire weekend away. 
We went to Amish Country. 
it was beautiful and lovely. 
and We Laughed and Laughed and Laughed
with one another. 

It's been too long. 
Why do we let it get to be like that? 
Big Dummies that we are. 

He tries to be tough... 

But in the words of Maddie
"He's just a BIG sweetie pie" 
and I am so grateful that

 He is mine and I am his. 



Jen said...

Love that you got some time with your man:) I'm also loving that he's trying to look so tough, but Maddie has it right, a big sweetie pie :) -he's probably the most generous, big hearted guy I know! Love you both!

ginanorma said...

Love your new design here!!!

I was wondering where you two went, I LOVED and adored all the pics on IG :) What a great getaway, it's so so good for us to do that, isn't it!

Were you married twice? Or you got a second chance in this same marriage? I love the God of redemption that we serve, PTL He has restored you both and given you life IN HIM, and for His purposes. thank you for sharing your heart Amy.


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