Friday, May 18, 2012

paula deen and a return to blogging.

I hate the new blogger format. 
Perhaps the reason i haven't been posting. 
Just wanted everyone... all 3 of you... to know that i am not dead, 
just taking a break
a long break. 
My most wonderful husband kept the kids 
for a week while i got to galavant all over Georgia with Jen. 
Sweet right. 

he told me I should be a saint... 

(any MOM should receive saint hood)

we went to Savannah. 

WOW, glorious historic city.

While we were there I persuaded Jen to go to my
beloved Paula Deen's 

Lady & Son's.

It did not disappoint, my friends. 

It was everything I had ever dreamed or imagined her food to be. 

(not being dramatic not one bit) 

in fact, I was so overcome with emotion that I may 
or may not have teared up while we were waiting 
for the elevator.... 

here are some photos for you to drool over....  
(nice of me right! )

We ate from the buffet. 
15.99 for all you can eat! yup, I am sure I ate my 15.99 worth 
of delicious food. 
and kids 4 and under they eat free at the buffet... DEAL . 
I sampled every single item on the buffet , yeah i did. 

here we have some FRIED CHICKEN. 
and i love me some fried chicken, this was the BEST 
Fried chicken  that has ever touched my lips. 
then we have some green beans, black eyed peas  and 
a yummy pasta casserole, 
her famous mac and cheese and delish mashed potatoes. 
and behind that chicken is some pot roast.... 

we both had Luzzane Sweet TEA .... 
look at that mint... mmm it was so good. 
they just kept refilling the glass. 

they bring everyone a corn hoe cake (which is like a corn pancake) 
they have maple syrup on the table for that... 
and a garlic and cheese biscuit. 
(you can see in this shot Jen, had a salad from the salad bar.) 
i skipped the salad bar and opted for a second huge plate of food. 

here Aubrey is pouring on some maple syrup to her hoe cake.  

for my second plate I had the bbq riblets, they were amazing. and more pot roast, 
more mac and cheese , more potatoes, and sweet potatoes and collard greens. 
I have never had collard greens, but i am sure they are cooked with pork fat and 
they were divine. 

for dessert you had a choice of 3 thing. We opted for one of each. 
Banana Pudding, Gooey Butter Cake... (WOW)
and Peach Cobbler. 
the peach cobbler was my favorite. 

So, all in all it was an amazing experience,  
i may have consumed about 30,000 calories in that meal but I 
don't care! 
the only thing that could have made it better would have been if
Paula had actually been there herself.... 
She was there the day before and our waiter, Sydney, 
well his ex fiance was Paula Deen's house keeper 
and he had been out to her house before... 
no kidding! 

i pretended that Paula was out in the kitchen fixing us all this
food. Yup, I have issues. 

well till next time,




Paul said...

Glad to see you back blogging!!

Y'know, I really shouldn't have looked at these pics BEFORE lunch, LOL!

...and Dom is right....Sainthood is totally deserved ;)

Jen said...

That was so much fun!! (And why did I not comment on this post yet?!?) I'm SO glad you came to visit and I'm SO glad we went to Paula Deen's restaurant(thanks for that treat!!). Miss you like crazy St.Amy :(

Sean and Kristin said...

Mmmmm that food looks amazing!! So happy for you and Jen that you got to visit her!!

Katrina said...

Ok I've been living in the south for 4 years now and I do love the cooking...I even like fried okra. :) This all looks pretty amazing! Savannah is still on the list of places to visit now that I live in Georgia.

ginanorma said...

I have been wondering where you are!!!

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