Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pioneer Woman...

Have you heard? 
Have you seen her? 

She has her own show on Food Network... 
Yup, I watched it. 
she made some Chicken Fried Steak 
(which on a side note I made after I purchased her cookbook...
may be the worst thing I EVER cooked.... ) I Just didn't do something right. 
And mashed Potatoes... hers are really the BEST ever. 

anyway, I feel like I have been reading her blog forever. 
and now PW has made it onto the Food Network. 
YOU go Ree! 
Way Cool! 

Yup she's happy about it too. 

and here we are just hanging out together... 
Jen , Ree  & me..

{do you notice how she is leaning away from me in the picture } 


Her show was really cute. 
I give it a Big Thumbs Up. 

nice job PW. 


Monday, August 29, 2011

this lovely week

This week I hope to be enjoying 

some of Hattie's Fried Chicken... mmmmmm
{Saratoga, NY } 

 maybe some carousel riding... 

perhaps a Lobster supper.... 

down by the beach of course... 

lots and lots of beautiful rocks. 
anyone who has been to 
The Great Lake Sacandaga
 knows what I mean. 

Lots of laughing and smiles from this bunch of kids. 

Lots of beautiful blue skies and puffy white clouds

Plenty of sunshine, 

and don't forget these gorgeous 

 and don't forget sitting round the bonfires at night. 

isn't it all just lovely! 


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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Waiting for Irene.

These may just be the worst pictures ever taken.... 
Since I am leaving for vacation and my camera is packed I 
will not be able to retake them right now... 
(sorry... just pretend it is perfect lighting) 

I am on an embroidery kick... have gotten lots done. 
Trying to get some Christmas gifts accomplished ...

So this has been a week to remember...
On Tuesday we were in a earth quake...
{Yes, I live in the Garden State } 
We actually felt it... people were panicky... 
My husband was not....
Thank The Lord for giving me a calm husband.

anyway, now we are sitting around waiting for Irene to come. 
and it is supposed to hit us tomorrow sometime.  They keep changing their minds from a Cat 1 to a 
Tropical Storm. Whatever the case it is a LOT of rain that we have been 
getting in our already saturated ground. 
{I am most worried about some big ol' trees falling that we have }

Our car is packed and ready to go... we are supposed to leave bright and early 
Sunday morning for the Adirondack Mountains. 
Not sure at this point if we will end up toughing it out here?? 
{hope not}

This weather has been a bit crazy...
I am convinced that we are in the end times... 
When I mentioned this at the dinner table the other night 
Sara, told me (Very Seriously) that she agreed. 
She informed me that she had been reading the book Revelation. 

She was?

(she is 12) 
Well, at least she is reading her Bible.
Revelations was always pretty fascinating to me as well. 

I am praying that the storm looses strength as it makes it way towards NY and Long Island. 
and I am praying that we won't be in any more natural disasters for a while... 

One thing I have to tell you... 
We were eating Chic Fil A when the earth quake hit. 
I laughed afterwards and told my husband that I would have been happy
if God had decided it was my time while I was eating one of my favorite meals... lol



I am not one to endorse a product. 
but, I found the best product for hair ever!!!! 
Seriously. I purchased Paul Mitchells Awapuhi - Wild Ginger. 
My hair was pretty damaged... i had a bad color ( a few) incidents in the last year. 
I made the decision to cut it pretty short and start over. 
Hence, the bob below. 
This is 4 weeks into the cut. It was pretty short. 

I asked the color girl, "Color Girl, what should I use to be repairing my damaged hair?" 
She then refered me to the hair washing gal, she said
Paul Mitchell's new line Awapuhi, Wild Ginger. 
The Smell is out of this world. And my hair has never felt better. 
I bought a little travel kit which included all the products. 
It is lasting because you only need a tiny little bit and I can get two days after a blow dry out of my hair. 

I am enjoying my new hair stuff.  
So shiny. and smelling lovely. 

I don't share it with the kids... all though Maddie had a run in with a can of spray wax....
I couldn't get it out with normal shampoo after 2 washes  I decided to use a tiny bit of my 
Awapuhi... not only did it remove the wax.. but it left her hair in perfect ringlets. 

{ ps } 
Paul Mitchell does not know me nor has he ever sent me products to try, 
but if he would like to I wouldn't be opposed... hehe

Friday, August 26, 2011

Inspiration Workshop {Your Favorite Color}

Gussy Sews does an inspiration workshop  every thursday. 

This weeks prompt was your favorite color
That is a hard one for me. 
Someday's I would say green

To me green is fresh and clean. 

and then other day's it may be pale pink. 

Come to think of it green and pink look 
positively lovely together. 



We are taking care of my sister's dog Kuma. 
While they are away. 

Before my sister left she had a little talk with Maddie.
She asked her to take good care of Kuma for her while
they were gone.

She takes these things very seriously.... 

She talk to him every chance she gets... She reassures him that 
his family will be home soon. 

And she will take very good care of him until they get home.  

I caught her just sitting there talking to him the other day. 

She relaxes back into him... and talks and sings to him. 

Kids they are pretty cute. 


Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's the little things.....

 It is the little things that make me happy


A line to dry my clothes.... 

Fresh and crisp sheets! 
the smell of air dried sheets... 
nothing like it. 


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

victorian petti skirt to cute curtains....

I walked into one of my favorite stores last week. 
Somewhere in Time in Caldwell, NJ 
She has an incredible mix of vintagey finds and amazing candles... 
anyway, she brought out an entire bag full of linens and said 
"this is for you, Amy" 
really? yup, all for little ol' me. 
Happy Happy Joy Joy. 
I took them home and dove right in. 

this was the most amazing....

it was all hand done. look at those pintucks... 
the crocheted edge.... 

a curtain for my office / sewing / craft / laundry room. 

nice of me to clean up the mess in front of the window for all of your viewing pleasure... 

{ he he } 

In unrelated news.... 

I have been canning some peaches... 

OH ... MY.... WORD..... 

Maddie can't stop eating them. 
When they are gone she is going to be so sad... 
me too... they are pretty to look at. 

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