Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oh beautiful and lovely mason jars....

I have always ALWAYS, wanted to can. 

I finally did it. 

Sara and I put up several jars of 

Strawberry Jam and 

Bread and Butter Pickles today

There are a lot of steps in canning

Boiling jars. 

Chopping lots of Veggie's

(I enlisted Sara for this job.)

The house now smells like boiling vinegar and pickling spices.. (not so great really) 

And to boot being a first time canner all of our jars sealed ! YAY! 

Aren't they pretty! 

Can't wait to eat them. 
Next up is some Zesty Peach BBQ sauce. I just have to wait for the peaches to ripen. 


Jen said...

Oh man, I want mason jars.... but I'm not sure I'm willing to go through the whole canning process to get them! Those pickles look so yummy!

Astrid said...

Jen--- You're just having flash-backs to our childhood, when Mom would have marathon canning days and stay up all hours doing so. And the house DID reek of vinegar ;) I sure did love the sound of the lids popping though :)
I would LOVE to do some canning. Maybe I'll give it a go this Fall when the kids are in school. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Thanks for inspiring me, Amy! The jam especially looks delicious!

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