Saturday, August 27, 2011


I am not one to endorse a product. 
but, I found the best product for hair ever!!!! 
Seriously. I purchased Paul Mitchells Awapuhi - Wild Ginger. 
My hair was pretty damaged... i had a bad color ( a few) incidents in the last year. 
I made the decision to cut it pretty short and start over. 
Hence, the bob below. 
This is 4 weeks into the cut. It was pretty short. 

I asked the color girl, "Color Girl, what should I use to be repairing my damaged hair?" 
She then refered me to the hair washing gal, she said
Paul Mitchell's new line Awapuhi, Wild Ginger. 
The Smell is out of this world. And my hair has never felt better. 
I bought a little travel kit which included all the products. 
It is lasting because you only need a tiny little bit and I can get two days after a blow dry out of my hair. 

I am enjoying my new hair stuff.  
So shiny. and smelling lovely. 

I don't share it with the kids... all though Maddie had a run in with a can of spray wax....
I couldn't get it out with normal shampoo after 2 washes  I decided to use a tiny bit of my 
Awapuhi... not only did it remove the wax.. but it left her hair in perfect ringlets. 

{ ps } 
Paul Mitchell does not know me nor has he ever sent me products to try, 
but if he would like to I wouldn't be opposed... hehe

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