Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Someone said to me the other day, 
"You are living a blessed life." 
Why do we (I)  choose to forget how God blesses us. 
Even when it may not feel like we are blessed, we are.  

Then yesterday, I sent an email to a women who I respect deeply. 
I just wanted to let her know what was going on in my life right at this moment. 
my husband has been laid up with cellulitis. 
He has been in bed since Sunday's trip to the ER. 

It is hard (so very hard) to watch a man who does not complain of pain
to actually be in such deep agonizing pain. 
It is awful to feel helpless and not be able to take that pain from them. 
He can barely walk. 

I am thankful for the Dr.'s  and nurses God put in place to take care of him. 
He  even put in place our wonderful friend Jen and Zach 
to let me know to get him to the emergency room quickly. 

The reply I got from my friend Robin was an amazing gift. 
(she is very wise) 
She said to me,

 " I  feel like you are one of the Negroes in the cotton fields singing those deep spiritual songs of desperation and sadness " 

 That was a beautiful metaphor, for my entire life.  

I want to be in the fields. surrounded by cotton... 
working the land. and I want to be filled with God's glory. 
I want it to be pouring out of my being. from every orifice  
just oozing out. I want to shout it from the rooftops, from the mountains, 
that although my journey is not the one that I would have chosen, 
I  am glad that my Father lead me through all of it safely to be able to 
share with others.
I want to be signing deep spiritual life changing songs to the world.  

I am about to take Dom to the Dr in a few minutes. 
I am praying that he will be okay. 
And that God will be merciful and heal my husbands leg. 


Jen said...

I so get how you feel! It's so hard to see the blessings when we're living something hard at that moment. Funny how when you look back at those "hard" times and they some how have turned into a blessing, shaping us and making us who we are today!
We're praying for you and Dom....

Melissa said...

this is such a great reminder for everyone. hope your husband got some good news today and is heading in the right direction.

Astrid said...

Beautifully written, Amy. Praying for Dom AND you! It's also difficult being the one who has to tend to the sick and pick up the broken pieces! Thinking of you all.........

Emily said...

oh i am so sorry about your husband! i will keep him & you in my prayers!

Malia said...

Hey Amy, Thanks for your visit and comment. Your blog is beautiful and so are your pretty flowers and textures. I enjoyed taking a stroll around. I am so sorry to hear about your husband. Hope and prayers for healing. much aloha, malia

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