Monday, October 31, 2011


Sometimes, you just have to make a choice to be positive. 

Okay, take for instance this incredibly crazy weather

we experienced this weekend in New Jersey.

Went out this morning and really took a good look around. 

Some new landscaping for the backyard... 

going for the forest look here. 

Yes, in this next shot you can almost see the swing set. 

oh there it is.. 

I will try and appreciate the new flow of sunlight gleaming brightly into our backyard. 

And how the tree landed ever so gently on her swing set... 

that it wasn't destroyed. 

I am loving that we are going to have plenty of firewood to burn. 

nice big logs to split. 

and Maddie was so concerned and worried about her tire swing 
the entire storm...

God spared it. seriously. 
all the other branches around it broke and fell.

I am thankful that God protected my family in our home 
during this storm. 

I am thankful that no trees fell into our house. 

I am thankful that we only lost our power from 8 pm to 
3 pm the very next day. 

and I am just thankful for God allowing me to make the choice to have a 

lovely attitude about the whole thing. 

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Paul said...

"YAY" for the tire swing!!! ;)

Jen said...

Your attitude about this is fabulous! I know that you have it technically "better" than a lot of people right now, but that still looks like a big ol' mess to me! Praying for the rest of your family who are still without power....

hannah singer said...

wow! glad all is well.
hooray for firewood and unharmed swings;)

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