Friday, October 7, 2011


I have been sewing like a mad woman lately. 
my little dolls. 
that is all I have been sewing. 
I was asked (yup, they asked me) 
to participate in a 3 day show with local artists. 
now.. I wouldn't exactly call my sewing (art) but
they are, so I will go with it... hehe. 
There was a meeting on Wednesday where I found out
the details surronding this. 

I really thought it was a simple craft show. 
a set up a table for a .. kinda of deal

I felt a wee bit out of my element.
Picture this....

Posh Etsy sellers from Manhattan... and me.

So sitting next to these woman... I am thinking .... what on earth am I doing here.
I don't exactly fit into the category as Posh, or chic... or any of those things.

no, I wasn't wearing Christian Louboutin
or carry my Louie...
I had on  my Chuck Taylors .

So anyway,
I sat and listened. I started to realize that out of the 14 artist's invited...
she picked me.


now here is the part that left me feeling a bit woozy...
How on earth do I make enough little dolls and monsters and other things to
go with them to have enough for a 3 day sale???

so hence I have been sewing like a mad woman.
creating tags and graphics.
choosing cute little fabrics and notions....
& in the meantime shirking all my household duties.
So, today I have to take time to clean and organize.

hope you have a wonderful Friday!



Paul said...

That's so GREAT, Aim'!! VERY Excited for you!! ;)

When & where is the show going to be??

Jen said...

I some how missed this! AMAZING!!! SOOOO excited for you Amy!

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