Friday, October 28, 2011

Photo shoot

I love taking some beautiful family portraiture. 
& I love when it just happens and you get those shots... 
you know the ones... 

seriously the colors & Lighting couldn't have been more perfect. 
and this was the last minute shoot
being that it was supposed to happen Saturday... but we are expecting a little snow in the north.... 

so I called and asked if they could do it today... it all worked out fabulously. 

I am happy. I hope they are. 

This next one might be on

"my Favorite Photographs I have ever taken" List

It just happened. 

Perfect and simple. 

a Daughters pure love for her Father. 

I love the way that they are both gazing down and she is holding his hand with both hers...
the way that he has that little smile on his face. 

OH ... I'm tearing up here.... 

and the sun was wonderful 
the time was about 4 in the afternoon. 
(my new favorite time to shoot photos) 

oh sweet sunflare... how beautiful you are... 

You know I love shooting families. 
I do. 

I love to just let them be .. and capture the memories. 

not to much direction... just lots of watching to see what is going to happen. 

I think it works. 

Thanks Burke Family. 

It was a fun time.

TO see more photos from the day 
Check my photography blog. 


Jen said...

Amazing!! Love love love the shot of the dad and daughter! and yes, that's my favorite time of day too, it just makes everything look so dreamy!

Smile Steady said...

Beautiful photos! Glad I found you through the followers fest today! :)

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