Monday, October 10, 2011

introducing ...

Pattern created by Amy Rehbein

I worked hard on this. 
I am really excited about these little dollies. 

& God is good. 

I fell 4 weeks ago and cracked my coccyx bone... 
Had to sit and rest. 
Came up with these... {was inspired by a doll that I saw and thought I can make that.}
worked out and wrote a pattern for her. 

added that cute little beret.
{in memory of my Grandma} 

and I adore them. 

the littlest beansprout. 

If you happen to be local to Northern Jersey, they will 
be for sale in 
The Cherry Hat in Little Falls, NJ  

I am working on setting up The little beansprout's etsy page. 

I am excited about this new adventure. 
Thanks to all for your support. 

linking up with Heather over at Life Made Lovely. 



Paul said...

VERY Cute!! Nicely Done ;)

Jen said...

LOVE!!! So proud of you! I'm back to commenting again...whether you like it or not ;) I wish I lived there....but I'll be purchasing one from you via Etsy!! They are amazing! Praise the Lord for a broken coccyx bone...who knew?!? Let me know how the Etsy set up goes, I need to get on that!

Emily said...

Precious! I need one for my little girl! Will your shop be open for Christmas gifts????

Megan said...

Oh soooo cute! I Want one for my lil girl! Hopefully your etsy will be up soon. How much are they going for? Shoot me an email...

Melissa said...

So adorable. Great job. This makes me want to go and sew right now.

marge said...

these are adorable. so adorable, in fact, that i showed the pic to my friend while reading your post! the options are endless...people are going to love these... and they can even be personalized, i'm sure! so exciting!!! almost makes me want a girl so i could buy her one. ;)

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