Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy and Cooking

They are telling us to be prepared. Be Prepared for power outages and stuff like that. 
So I have spent my last 3 days shopping and getting things ready for just that. 
I am in the kitchen all day long today. I am hoping we remain with power but just in case I am pre making meals that I can just reheat on top of the wood burning stove. (incase we loose power) 

So,  Here is the menu 

Sunday dinner with leftovers tomorrow for lunch, Anne Burells Meatballs, and Sausage with Pasta

Monday Cheese Strata (my Mother's recipe from when I was a kid.) You have to make it a day in advance and then bake it the next day. TO DIE FOR! 

Tuesday  Salisbury steak with mushroom gravy and mashed potatoes

Hopefully we will be all better by wednesday but if not We will be eating hot dogs with baked beans 

I have purchased entirely to much. We have put our grill in the garage so I can grill if need be. 

I can make pancakes and eggs on the griddle on the wood stove, Which I am very thankful for. 

and so that is the plan. 


Jen said...

Praying for your safety! I'm watching the coverage on CNN and it's looking crazy. Good thing you're so prepared... And have that awesome stove!!

Paul said...

Good Planning...& the dinners sound yummy!!! :)

Be Safe!!!

Rachael said...

you have WAY more energy than I do!

way to go!

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