Monday, October 1, 2012


I am blessed. 
My parents rent a lovely cabin on the Delaware River 
and we get to spend as much time as we want there with them. 
So Saturday and Sunday were spent with them. 

On sat, Sara, Maddie and myself drove up and spent the day
with my parents. It was DIVINE. 
we went to a flea market.... 
and to a local farmer in the area to pick some 
pumpkins. He was the most amazing man. 
that is for another post. 
I have to go back and take pictures of him. 
(I asked him if I could he sad sure!) 

Sunday We all went up
including our honorary member of the family, Paul. 
We walked on an old Military trail that was used in the Revolution to bring supplies 
to the troops. 
Pretty neat. 

There was some question about where the trail was... 
but due to this Fabulous signage.... 
we knew for certain that we had located the trail. 

My kids LOVE and adore Paul. 
Here Maddie is flying. 

Lulu, Loves to run free. 
She always has a good time when we hike about. 

and it is never a good feeling when you see this sign at the beginning of the hike.
I wondered what are you supposed to actually do if you ran into a Bear on the hike?

and we visited Buttermilk Falls that same day. 

Isn't it lovely. 

Maddie stuck her hand in. 
it was cold. 
Sara,  kept posing for me...  
I love my kids. 
They knew I was trying to get one shot of the waterfall. 
I had my tripod set up and 
somehow everyone kept walking in front of the shot I 
was trying to get....
Thats Okay. 

A lovely, Beautiful day, in the country. 


Paul said...

It WAS a great day!!! Thank you so much for letting me tag along & enjoy it with you.

And I love & adore your wonderful children, too....just being around them soothes my soul!

Sarah Kate {Dixie Creek Farm} said...

Oh wow! The falls are beautiful! I wish we had some closer to us, but we'd need to drive about an hour east before we got to any trails like that one.

So just how did you ask that farmer if you could take his photo? There have been MANY times where I've seen someone that I would have loved to get a picture of, but I'm never quite sure how to ask someone without creeping them out. :o)

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