Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I love to create... 
Maybe I have mentioned that before on this

It does something to me... 
it has some sort of soothing effect over me. 

to be honest, 
I couldn't even get out of bed yesterday. 
YUP, depression is a wonderful thing. 
Satan knows  what to say...
right into my listening ear. 

Just lovely. 

my bestie... she knew something was up. 

How could we be thousands of miles apart and she just knew. 
well, of course it is a God thing. 

She was praying for me. 

(LOVE LOVE LOVE you Jen!) 

anyway, anyway, anyway....

I got out of bed today. 
I went to my computer and started to create. 

I helped out one of Jen's friend with a new blog header. 

you can run over and see it here. 

I sometimes wish that they had the internet and whatnot 
when I was in High school. 
Not sure why but I understand it. 
I am a self taught Photoshop user. 
I can figure this stuff out... 

crazy to me because I don't ever think of my brain being able to work that way. 

but for some reason it does. 
and I can do it. 

this was a fun way of getting my head out of the dumps and looking up. 

maybe I have  some sort of future in this.

who knows....



Paul said...

Glad to hear your back in the mix!!

Jen said...

Love you Amy!!! And I've been partial to your design expertise for quite some time ;) Love what you did for Kristin's blog!! SO nice!

Anonymous said...

Magnificent! (As usual. :-P )
http://www.businesstraveltours.com is my blog.

Sean and Kristin said...

You are so talented and I am amazed by your brain being able to work that way! Also, LOVE the maternity shots they are absolutely beautiful.

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