Friday, March 30, 2012

Pinspiration Friday


Whose with me?

I thought I would share something I made a few weeks ago. 

Inspired by this pillow I found on  Pinterest. 

Isn't she adorable??

I love, love, love old airstream trailers. 

I did raw edge applique (sounds fancy) 

And I just drew out the shapes I wanted to make a pattern...

and then cut them out and stitched them on. 

I Adore Nicey Jane... LOVE is an understatement. 
and I got all this on sale... I think it was about 4 dollars a yard. 
YUP, amazing. 
For the bunting I used bakers twine ... 
turned out pretty. 

Now, this is one of those projects that I made that 
I look at and think of the things I would change. 
So here is what I should have done differently. 

The actual trailer should have been made out of the darker fabric. 
Either the blue or the green. 

and I should have stitched it on using a contrasting thread. 

I decided to add something more so I printed out 
onto my printable fabric 
"Where you go I will follow" 

The back is just some fine whale corduroy  that I had left over from 
the rollie pollie. 

I also made this pillow... 
I  found the pattern somewhere on the web... 
And I can't remember because I am getting old... 
It was a fairly simple block. 
I just happened to turn it into a pillow. 

they are happy and springy. 
Just what our living room needed. 

Please feel free to link up in the comments with anything you have
been inspired by pinterest to make. I would
love to see. 

Have a glorious weekend. 


Jen said...

Amaze-balls!! Love that airstream pillow!!! I'm coveting all that line of Nicey Jane... I have all that fabric in the pink color-way, but I think ordering some in the blue/green one is in order! I too wanna link up!!!! I'm on it!

Jen said...

It doesn't say on my blog, but I found the link/tutorial on Pinterest.... and was, in fact, Pinspired ;)

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