Friday, March 23, 2012

pinspiration day..... (?)

I love pinterest. It is such a wonderful  place to gather ideas. 

But what good are the ideas if you don't do anything with them. 

So in my attempts to actually follow thru with something... 

I thought I could do a pinspiration day. 

If anyone wants to join along just leave a comment with 

a link to your blog post. 

Maybe a weekly feature.... 

So I saw this wreath a few months ago. 
I fell in love. 

 So simple and lovely. 
Looked like Spring and Summer all rolled into one fabulous wreath. 

I searched High and Low 
(okay only went to 2 stores)
to locate that Green Eyelash yarn.

I found it and bought 2 balls. 
It was on sale SCORE! 

I made a small wreath 8 inches... 
That sucker took a long time to wrap... 

and one entire ball of yarn. 

I then made a little flag on some printable fabric
glued it to a toothpick 
and shoved carefully placed it
in the wreath. 

I like a simple fabric bow so 
I just cut a width of some pink Kona Cotton
and tied a bow. 
I love it. 

It didn't stay on my front door... 
It went to a local shop to be sold. 

Pretty isn't she? 

If you would like to play along.. just leave a comment
with a link to your blog post. 

If this takes off like wild fire.. (ha) 
I will figure out how to host a link party. 



ginanorma said...

Oh my she is SO PRETTY! Ahhh I love it, I love it I love it! I wonder if I could find that yarn, it's SO precious Amy, way to put inspirations into real life! I adore that you did!

Jen said...

Love love love this wreath!! So simple, yet beautiful! Nice one Aims!

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