Monday, March 12, 2012

wreath's for sale.... & Crafty ADD


I Really like making wreaths. 

I made these for a shop near where I live. 

I am thinking of maybe putting some in my etsy shop. 

Does anyone else out there have some sort of
Creative ADD? 

I think that I suffer from this condition. 

last week I was making pillows... 

this week wreaths... 

For the first wreath I used 
Tula Pink- Parisian
Solid Pink, 
And Fabulous.... Burlap. 

Loving the soft frayed fabric, and the rough burlap together. 

For the second wreath. I wrapped it in some  springy green yarn. 

I then embellished it with some fun paper pinwheels i made from my 
vintage dictionary. and buttons from my stash. 

A vintage doily and some felt flowers... 
paper flowers and fabric finish it. 

I suffered some burns from the hot glue gun... but it was well worth it. 
It was hard to bring these to the shop.. I was really in love with 
both of them. 

Well, here is to Crafty ADD

By the way it is getting to be Spring here up NORTH... 



Grateful4Crochet said...

These are fabulous!!!
\I would be making lots if they turned out as beautifully as yours

Jami Nato said...

shut up...these are insane.

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