Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crockpot taco chicken

Sorry people, no pictures for this recipe, but you are going to have to take me on my word, i is delish!

I saw a recipe for this last week, but then could not locate it so i just winged it.

I just took some boneless chicken breast, seasoned it with lawrys taco seasoning, i used a whole package to about a pound and a half of chicken breast. I then placed the seasoned chicken and dumped a jar of salsa on top,(next time i would use half a jar. I then put in a tinny bit of water maybe a scant 1/4 cup kinda mixed that around. I then set my crockpot on high i was pressed for time, i thought i would let it go for 3 hours, but after checking 2 hours it was perfectly moist and tender. I then took removed the breasts to a bowl and shred them up with 2 forks. Then i added a tiny bit of the salsa cooking sauce back. To the chicken.

We ate them on soft tortillas with cheese, lettuce, sour cream, jalepenos, i made rice and pink beans with it and it was fabulous, simple and i can think of so many different meals you could do with this chicken, burritos, burrito bowls, quesadillas, taco salad .... Nachos.... Yum.

Anyway, i hope you try this simple taco chicken. It was a quick yummy meal that everyone liked.
Next time i am going to make it with medium salsa for a little more kick.




Paul said...

Sounds GREAT--Most definitely will give it a try!!

Jami Nato said...

easy and yummy!

Jen said...

mmmm sounds delish!

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