Thursday, February 9, 2012

what direction will you go....

I have had this lamp for maybe 15 years. 
I bought it and rewired it and 
made it good as new. 
I love it. 
It has traveled with me to all the places we have ever called home. 

It needed a new shade... 
so I ran down to Target bought a white one and 
I thought it needed a little something. 

Ahh, maps. 
So I grabbed an Atlas and some Mod Podge
and started to rip and glue. 
and I was happy. 

Sorry for the dark photos it was night.... 

and have I ever shown you my little turtle...
Heather Bailey. I bought the kit about a year ago..

I didn't have any polyfill to stuff her with so I used rice. 
Makes her good and heavy. 

We have been experiencing a few bumps in the road as of late...
and Jen sent me this verse yesterday. 
Which helped. 

No not worry but instead  pray  & do it with Thanksgiving. 

I need to put it in our Father's very capable hands. 
I need to give it to HIM. 
He can handle it when we can't. 

We  ( I ) need to do this with everything. 

So what direction will you go. 
are you going to worry..... 
or instead are you going to pray about everything and Thank Him
for everything he has done. 
Everything trial every bump in the road... 

Feel free to copy this verse. That I have made
Print it out....  or send it to costco and have it made in poster size 
Hang it on your wall so that you can be reminded to Give it to HIM. 
and be Thankful. 


Jen said...

Love the lamp and I LOVE that verse you made...well, you didn't make...oh, you know what I mean! I'm SO printing it off and putting it RIGHT were I can see it all the time because I need this reminder too!

ginanorma said...

Looks really really great!!! Awesome lamp! And I love your verses...

K said...

I really love that verse!!! And the little turtle rocks my world!!!

Love K

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