Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sweet girl

My sweet little girl is sitting on the floor, playing doll house. One of her favorite things to do. I am sitting here listening to the sweet words coming out of her mouth. The Lord has filled our girl with song. She has been singing since she could talk. Yes, she really does put everything to music. Its like living in an operaetta. She is singing about how much Jesus loves us. How he is happy when we sing about Him. How he lives in her heart.
Last week, my wonderful friend, Jen's daughter asked Jesus to live in her heart. Which was a spark in Maddie. she asked me the night before last to help her pray to ask Jesus to live in heart.

As Jen's husband said, "what more could a parent ask for" amen.

I love to hear the pure thoughts and song just coming forth out of her innocent lips. What a blessing our sweet girl is to us. A blessing that we never thought we would have. She is a surprise gift from our heavenly father. She has blessed us in ways we never thought possible. I pray that she will be a blessing in the world. May she always keep that innocent and pure love for our Savior.



hannah singer said...

thanks for sharing this, amy. what a blessing!

Jen said...

Love that little girl and I LOVE that her and Aubrey still have a connection even though they've lived apart for some time now! How special are they?! Welcome to God's family sweet Maddie!!

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