Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Well, My husband is in there talking to the TV.... the world series. (need I say more)

I am in here playing with Photoshop. I bought it months and months ago. (probably outdated by this time) anyway. I have not had the time or patience to sit and play with it. Until now when my TV was confiscated : )

I love those black and whites where there is just a wee bit of color. So this was my first attempt. Pretty. I think I will do a few more (not tonight)

Well, that is all for today, Tomorrow I have to make some Fairy Wings for Sara's costume. I will take pics and let you see how that turns out. Oh and I made some delicious fried chicken last night that I will share the recipe for tomorrow. YUMMY, unless you don't care for fried foods, and if that is the case, Stop reading my blog right this moment.



Dana said...

VERY pretty!

Hi I'm Amy, said...

THANK YOU : ) I have been having trouble figuring out Elements... You think I would just go and buy a book "Elements for Dummies" lol It is fun to alter the photos a bit.

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