Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sara Lynne

The Name Sara is from Hebrew meaning Princess.
The Name Lynne is Gaelic meaning From the Lake.

The Little Sister

& Now The Big Sister

Sara Lynne

This is my Sara! She came to me at an amazingly hard time in my life. She was truly a gift from the Lord. Because of her I managed to get thru each hard day. She is so easy and happy. God made her so Loving and with such a Caring Spirit. I am not so sure I could have survived without having her in my life. So her she is an actress (Comedic & Dramatic) An amazingly gifted child but GOD has given her the gift of not being a showoff! She is a talented artist and story teller, She loves Gymnastics and puts all of her heart and soul into it and I have never met a child who loves to learn more then she does.... although I think these days she doesn't think it is cool to say that she loves school so she plays that down..... That will pass. Here she is our Bean. (Have no idea where her nickname came from but that is what it is! )

Walking on Water!
I hope that her Faith will grow and she will be able to Walk on Water.

Jumping For Joy

Let the Joy of the Lord be in your heart.

First Day of School

She was little here! I love this picture of Emily and Sara. It really wasn't all that long ago....

Sisterly Love

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Anonymous said...

This is GREAT, Aim'!!!

What a blast seeing those old pictures


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