Wednesday, October 14, 2009

done but not finished

Well, I am Done. Okay, not really. Are we ever really finished? Well, I 'm not anyway. It has taken me weeks to get that Living Room Painted. I still have to paint up the stairs. But that can wait while I catch my breath. I will resume painting next week or maybe this weekend. Haven't decided. It will depend on how I feel.

I Will try and get some pics taken and up later today.

I think I am just a gluten for punishment. I picked up 3 chairs from the "El Garbagio" I am going to paint them they are all different. My Mom got me an early Christmas Present in Sept. An enamel top table. So excited about that. I wanted to have 4 different chairs around it. I already had one and it was my Mothers Grandmothers on her father's side. So cool. That one is already painted a funky 60's green. Love it. Don't get me wrong it is not the Avocado green of the 70's.... It is softer. Anyway, I thought I would just get around to finding 3 other chairs at yard sales eventually, when this morning as I was taking the kidlets to school, Low and behold. Chairs, old chairs out for someones bulk trash. YAY ME : ) I dropped them off to school and went back and loaded my car. So Anyway, I really don't like painting chairs, but I do love the outcome of the entire process.

Well, I am off to start doing laundry.... HOW much fun should I be allowed to have at one time...........?

toodle loo

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