Friday, October 30, 2009

Busy Days

Our Bumble Beeeeeee

Our Kitty Cat

Our Fairy

What a day! Oh what a crazy crazy day! I am glad that it is almost over. Just a busy day.

Started out by getting costumes on kids and out the door to school, then spending an hour on the phone with the cell phone company to try and change our plan (we pretty much have to sell the first born to cover a month) well it really isn't that bad... well, then again it is pretty bad how much that cost. So I did fix it cut the bill down by 3/4 of the price. WOW! a miracle. Then I get off the phone with them and the phone rings. it is my sister crying. (I get so worried when people call me crying) Anyway, she had to take Bubba, the cat, to PA to the vets. It a little over an hour It was an emergency he was not able to urinate..... (tinkle/pee/take a whiz) ((GROSS))
so they had to put a catheter in him... OUCH, Bubba Kitty, he would have died if they hadn't done it.... so sad. anyhoo, it being Haloween her kids needed to be picked up at their lunch hour and taken for lunch and then home to change. Aunt Amy to the rescue. So that was actually fun. And then I ran over to get my hair did..... I did alright that took FOREVER (4 hours) beauty just takes me longer to achieve I suppose anyway, I like it. I have to get used to it. It is a lot shorter then I thought. But I needed a change I was in a slump. Came home cooked Chili for dinner, Sara gave Maddie her bath while I walked the dog and then I put Maddie to bed, and know I am writing this and then Sara and I are going into the Living Room for a fire and game night.... that should be loads of fun. Oh did I mention that Emily is done at her friend Krissy's house they are going to Great Adventure tomorrow. Fun, to be 16. oh well. Off to probably have my butt beaten in whatever board game Sara picks........

I will let you know how it all turns out....

Toodles & Goodnight.

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Anonymous said...

The costumes look GREAT....and so does the new " 'DO' "!!!

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