Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Trip home

The day we left for home it started to snow at about 5 am. 
Yes, the entire state shut down.
No roads were plowed not even highways. 
I was a wreck the entire drive home. 

So this was the day that we were going to drive around so that I could take pictures of all the beautiful homes.
That did not happen. 
So I got a few as we were driving.

I had a feeling it was going to be a long long long drive home. 
and it was. But we had out coffee, GOD and each other. 
I cried (okay I balled my eyes out like a little baby)
on most of the ride home. 
Seriously, thought we were going to die. 
Thought we would not see our children again on this earth. 
And I kept asking God to please protect us and get us home safely to 
our babies. 


This was the highway. A 3 lane highway. 
Tractor trailers would come flying passed on the right... 

OH MAn, did we see a lot of accidents. 

not good for one who thinks she is about to die... 

(my parents lived in New London when they were first married, 
so I took this photo for them...)

I have to say that I have never felt a gripping fear like that before. 
Satan surely had his hands upon my body and mind. 
It was a terrible feeling. 

My husband was so so patient with me. 
(Bless him)
He normally doesn't have much tolerance for me balling like a little baby..... hehe
But he kept reassuring me telling me to breath and relax. 
Over and over and over again. 

I do have a terrible fear of bridges. 
I usually do okay and can drive over them no issues...
but the snow covered HUGE bridges with the tractor trailers flying by next to us
was more then I could bear.....

What a ride. 

AS soon as we crossed over the border into NY the roads were a little slushy but fine. 

YAY! here come the plows. (this was in NY)

we made it home! Praise God! 
The trip was an amazing time spent with my husband. 
Much needed. 
and long overdue. 
The kids survived. They didn't kill each other or burn down the house. And we are  going to make a habit of getting away for a few days alone every few months. 

ps... someday if I ever get to have a house in Connecticut.. I would definitely choose one with a widow's watch and some amazing chimneys... and fabulous front doors! 



Grateful4Crochet said...

These photos are incredible, and I'm so glad you're OK. Must have been scary!

Jen said...

First off, LOVE those pictures of you and Dom!! Glad you have a fabulous time, but sorry for the horrible drive home. I would have reacted exactly. the. same. way. No joke...pretty sure I bawled through an entire drive through a rain storm when we drove back through the night from Georgia to NJ... NOT fun.

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