Monday, February 6, 2012

mornings & rollie pollies

Maddie and I sit in front of the fire in the morning for a while. 
She usually eats some breakfast.
I drink my coffee and read some blogs... 
And when I get up 2 make my second cup of coffee she always, 
always, steals my ipad and plays
temple run. 
She is a whiz on that thing. 

seriously, I stink at it... 

So , never blogged about the rollie pollies I made her. 
I got the Pattern from MADE
I made the large ones 
they come together quickly. 
they are awesome and all my kids use them daily. 

they loved Maddie's so much I made another one.
this time I used a yellow corduroy 
It has a very fine whale and is so so sooooo soft. 

put a little nicey jane in the handle to give it that extra something. 

I was seriously just trying to take a normal photo of my
child with the rollie pollie
but why on earth would that ever happen....
She likes to swim on the sofa. 
Yes, she takes off all the pillows and swims.

I may or may  not have bribed her (with a cookie) to sit on the 
rollie pollie.

oh I forgot to mention that every morning after we take the girls to school 
and we cuddle by the fire 
we use these rice packs that I made to stay cozy until the fire warms the house. 
these rice packs are the simplest most wonderful things ever. 
YUP. toasty toes...
I throw them in the microwave for a bit
and cuddle under a blanket and we are all warm and toasty. 
if you have never made a rice pack
you should. 
just google it and you get about a billion and one tutorials for it. 

I made them for Christmas gifts this year and people loved them. 
You can use them for aches and pains or toasty toes...
you can even keep one in the freezer for a cold pack.

enjoy your day. 
snuggle with someone...  

1 comment:

Jen said...

Oh man these look comfortable...but for post pregnancy ;) Could you imagine trying to get out of one of those things while pregnant?!? A friend sent me a link to something similar
and they are super cute too!
And how sweet is Maddie in her little sleep-dress?!? I miss that kid!

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