Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rain Rain go Away


Go away, 



Another day.... 

I have an amazing daughter
(well, I have 3 but the middle one)

Is pretty amazing.

She told Madelyne to go and get her Wellies on
so they could go and jump in the puddles. 
In the pouring rain! 

While they were out there they found a worm.

Maddie wasn't so sure about that....

Sara liked it...

I am so proud of my girl! 

until she tried to eat the worm!

the end.


Paul said...

I LOVE the pic of Sara jumping in the Rain...that is SO her, LOL

Jen said...

Love love love the pictures!! The splash one is amazing! What a great sister that Sara is:)

Anonymous said...

Hey im new here.

Im sam, how is everyone?

I look forwards to being a active memeber

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