Monday, January 4, 2010


Ahhh to be 10 almost 11 again... NEVER! You couldn't pay me enough that I might even consider it. Sara just came down and was crying about something that happened in school. Ya know I will never ever understand why girls are so very mean! Things don't change they are just mean about different things then when I was growing up. Let us for instance take cellular phones. My husband and I are apparently the few parents left that think that a 10 year old doesn't need a cell phone. Sara informed me that there are only 4 other children in the 5th grade that do not own cell phones. I guess this was the big christmas gift for kids of her age group this year. (I don't know, but when I was ten for Christmas I think that I still thought Barbies and dolls were cool. I believe that I got my doll house for Christmas that year and my father and I spent countless hours building it. ) oh well. I think Sara got some pretty cool gifts this year. And they all had to do with things that she really enjoys doing. She wanted so badly to receive "The Art of French Cooking" by Julia Childs and I made her a beautiful apron to go along with it and she received her first whisk (which by the way I got yelled at for So these are the gifts that she will remember things that are near to her heart. (I know that sounds so lame but Sara loves to cook and watches Julia everyday) As much as it hurts to be the kids that doesn't have what every other kid has it teaches her a valuable lesson, which being her Mother we talked about (all the while big, fat, hot, tears rolled down onto her cheeks. ) Making me want to say alright Sara lets go and pick out a phone) .... but I did not. (Good Parenting, Amy).... oh me oh my....... this too shall pass ... in about 10 more years.....

The tall one.. (Emily) is mad at me because I wouldn't let her watch some series that was discussing teens having oral sex... so she went to bed at 8:30 because I am just so terrible that I wouldn't let her watch that show. Good Grief what a night. Oh well, this to shall pass... sooner then later... God willing.

On a side note, Madelyne, the one that I often refer to as crazy hair, let me blow dry her hair after her bath this evening, I actually didn't want her to go to bed with a wet head. All the while saying "to loud, honey Momma" that is what she calls me... it is very funny. Anyway, her hair even when being pulled straight wanted to curl.... lol I couldn't beleive it myself. this is what we got.
Go love your children



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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this are SUCH a good mother; Of Course, you know I'm gonna get a lot of mileage out "Honey Momma"...sorry in advanxe...


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