Monday, January 11, 2010

Ice skating

How many kids can say that they ice skate on their Great Great Great Grandfather's farmland? Pretty cool - well at least I think so. Let me explain. The property where my Great Great Grandfathers home and farmland was given to the town to be preserved as a museum. They have built a green there. In the summer they have movies and things and in the winter they flood it so we can use it for ice skating. What fun! Anyway, I always think about that when I am over there.

We had a wonderful time, Paul came with us. He was so very patient with Maddie, who wanted to walk all over creation with him (she adores Paul!) Emily was much to cool to skate with us since a (boy) was there that she like..... (gag) oh well, teenagers! I even got out my skates. I have to say that this morning I was only a little sore, since I have been working out now for 1 whole week! YAY! Not bad 7 days down a whole life ahead.

Well, as always get out and enjoy your family.



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