Saturday, January 23, 2010

Robe & Stuff

I did it I made a Robe! I took a pattern for a nightgown and altered it a weee bit. It came out cute and Maddie loves it. So that is what matters. I wish that I had a little more fabric in the front... Oh well. I lined it with Minkie sooo sooo soft. I want one.

Sara got a fancy new haircut. She looks so grown up! (Stop that will you!)

So something about me. I am starting to read a book called the Love Dare. It is a 40 day challenge. Are you up for it? It is specifically for your marriage but You can apply it to Loving anyone. I am going to focus on my husband and children where it applies. I am not doing well and it is Day 2 for me... I am still trying to complete the challenge for Day 1. The first challenge is on Patience hmmmm.... For anyone who knows me, need I say more? I am working on it and will get it. May take 30 days but I am going to complete each challenge in this book. There is actually a little box to check off and the date that you complete them. I will keep you informed about my progress.

Oh This book also goes with the movie FireProof so go out and rent it and watch it with your spouse.

Well, going to watch a movie with Sara. Dom is working, Emily is at a wedding and Madelyne is sleeping. So Sara and I get a movie night : )

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Roger Twimmmmbbbblllyyy ;) said...

VERY Nice job on the Robe; Maddie looks so cute in it!!

...& Dinner was fun tonight :)

....>ANNND.. hope you enjoy the movie!!!


Hi I'm Amy, said...

Thanks Roger... : )

& It was fun thanks for coming with!

And we both fell asleep on the sofa

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