Saturday, January 9, 2010


I just saw the neatest idea ever..... okay well maybe not as good as sliced bread but pretty darn close.

You see it all began in the Fall when our church had a fall festival /Flea market type thing. Our Pastor had a table and was selling his wares... (Apparently he collects antiques) I eyed 2 of his things. One was an enamel top kitchen table, which my Mother bought me as an early Christmas gift : ) yay I L-O-V-E it. The other was this old arched window. It was so beautifully perfect to me with all it's imperfections. It had distressed paint 2 of the window panes were missing, but I just fell in love with it. I know, I know we shouldn't fall in love with objects but I just couldn't help myself. anywhooo He wouldn't budge on the price, so after haggling for what seemed an eternity, I let it sit there leaning against the table and walked away from it. Chipped paint and all. Thinking I would never see it again.
Fast Forward to Christmas Morning. My sister told me that my gift had gotten stuck in the chimney and I had to go outside on the porch to see what it was..... (she got me good I had not a clue that, that was my gift) I walked out that door and saw my perfect window! Thanks Beth : ) you are so thoughtful and I love you my Big sister : )

So anyway I have been trying to decide where to hang it since that day and then this morning I was reading my blogs and saw this wonderful idea! WHen I am done I will hang it in the dining room and post pictures! SO excited to get started. Not today, but one day soon.

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