Thursday, January 21, 2010

They won!!!!

Sara's basketball team won again! How exciting to see the progression of how the played in the first game to how they played last night (it was the 4th game) Even the Ref commented on how well they were playing. I was so proud of them! They didn't only win but they were such good sports! I know I said that before but it was true and so very nice to see that! So here are a few quick pics that i took after the game..... I am rushing today because I am driving to PA with my Mom (she is playing hooky from school today) She bought a new Bernina the fancy shamsy one... and is going to take her lesson. She asked me to come. So anything to do with sewing and I am there...... I think I shall bring my camera (oh how she'll LOVE that... hee hee) anyhooo must get going. Have a great day.

Sara & Nea they really like their numbers.

Emily & Sherman

Paul & Sara after the game... (Notice the progression of the beard ! hmmm that gives me an idea.... )

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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