Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring cleaning & ADD

Yesterday morning, I decided to tackle the dining room cupboards (3 of them) in my Spring Cleaning 40 days 40 bags... (which has not gone very well, since one by one we have all been sick since I posted that)
I am the last one to get this lovely cold sinus thingy! YAY ME....

So I  emptied out all the crap wonderful collectibles out of the 3 cabinets...
I have been collecting glassware since I was all of about 11. (No kidding.)
American Sweetheart sherbet dishes in footed silver cups. Seriously I am not joking around. 
My Grandmother told me to go and get her bag & dipped into her "Mad Money" for me to make my first purchase.  (smile) She created a monster.... 

I think the phone rang ( I am sure it was my sister) after I finished getting everything out)
this is where the ADD comes in. 

 Fast forward to about 5 o'clock....
"Amy," I hear my husband calling me..." What do you plan on doing with all this stuff?" 
me... "What Stuff?" 
me ...Walk into the dining room.... 
me... " Oh!" 

Better put all that away. 
 I did. 

I think what I need is another cabinet... 

Happy Spring Cleaning. 
We woke up to snow... lol
Kids had a delayed opening. 
It was GREAT! 

Have a great day. 

Rejoice in all things, for this is the day that the Lord has made. 


Emily said...

This happens to me all time, start a project, get distracted, sits there for awhile and then I finally finish.

Your collection is beautiful!

Jen said...

Hahaha, classic:) Gotta love the cleaning ADD, I'm SO guilty of that! Loving all the shiny, pretty things:)

Diana's Doings said...

Oh I have done the same thing. I am in the spring cleaning mood and tackled my desk drawers LOL Wow!!I had no idea what was in there, LOL I did post some pictures that I found on my blog, I had forgotten all about them. I do have plans to do my hutch too, I am like you, there is so much in there and probably 1/2 I dont even use or need!! Good job and they look great the way you put them back together!!


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