Friday, March 25, 2011

Pizza Night

Friday Night at our house has become Pizza Night. I like it because
 I don't have to think about what to make... I know that every Friday Night I make pizza. 
(why is trying to figure out what to cook such a chore?) 

I start out with the sauce. It is the best pizza sauce ever. 
My Mom's recipe.

 Next grate the mozzarella. 

Get the dough
(I don't make my own I buy it from the local pizza shop)

Cut the pepperoni

This is very important... the CORN MEAL. If you do not use it your pizza will not come off the peel and it will stick to your stone. 

 Get your little helper... 
Maddie likes to help put the cheese on. 

Peel dusted with corn meal... 

I believe she was pretending to slice the pepperoni.

 Into the HOT oven for 10 minutes.. 

 and that is the finished product. YUMMY! 

Do you have a pizza night? Do you make it or buy it? 


Emily said...

ok amy, your last 2 posts have been about food and they look amazing and now this pregnant lady is HUNGRY! :)

Jen said...

Buy it....*wince* shameful I know, but Dominos is SO cheap! Your pizza looks divine:)

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