Monday, June 11, 2012

Augusta Canal

While I was away in Georgia, 
one of my goals was to take lots of beautiful photography. 
We took lots of trips so that this goal of mine could be accomplished. 
Augusta Canal was a beautiful  place on the River, not
far from Jen's home. 

Is it only me or does everyone's heart go
pitter patter at the sight of the flowing  spanish moss?

This place was incredible, in fact it is where we came back so that I could
take pictures of Jen's family. 
and it was a wee bit HOT that day. 

I adored the lovely arches... and upon closer inspection

Turtles were sunning themselves. 

and also snakes... and after seeing these well, I became a little skid-dish of things moving around me. I think I just about jumped into Jen's arms when  little gecko ran in front of  me.... 
I don't like snakes... I repeat I , Amy, DO NOT LIKE SNAKES. 

but I do like Mr. and Mrs. Mallard and I feel like I always have to take pictures 
of them for Madelyne
who LOVES them. 

This river was no joke. 
It was not for swimming it was full of 
horrible things, like poisonous SNAKES and I read it 
also has alligator's in it. 
Yup, That was enough for me to just enjoy the beauty at a distance. 

Not to mention the current.... this river was moving very very quickly. 

Over on the Left hand side of this picture is the actual lock 
and the reason that this LOCK and canal system was here
you ask??? Well, the Fall Line is To the FAR left. Which 
would have made the River impassable for boats. And
there is your history lesson for the day. 
Your. Welcome. 

Here is another shot of where the boat would go into the LOCK. 
I spent my youth traveling the historic Rideau Canal's in Canada. 
So visiting this canal and lock was pretty neat for me. 

Although, as a child I had a fear of boats and large bodies of waters. 
(still do) and yet my parents planned all vacations on boats and 
large bodies of water... hmmm some sort of torture... years of therapy? 
I used to cry and cry before we left for the trips. Begging my Grandmother to stay with 
But thy always made me go. (and I am glad they did. ) we have amazing
memories of those trips. But really that is neither here nor there.... 

I hope you are enjoying my trip photos... 
more to come. 


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Paul said...

Beautiful, once again...keep'em coming!!

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