Monday, June 4, 2012


In case anyone  was wondering... 
like a new parent or parents of toddlers.... 
Time goes Quickly.

I mean so so quickly, it is like a blink of an eye. 
how is it that our oldest is graduating from High School. 
I mean, for Pete's Sake, I feel like I just graduated from High School!

so I suppose the moral of this story is that you better enjoy each and every second. 
Because before you know it , it is over and they are all grown up! 



Paul said...

Ain't it the truth!!!

ginanorma said...

Amy! I didn't realize you had a teenager!? How have we never talked about this, as you know my girl is about to be a Senior in HS, she's 17..

welll, congrats to your girl!!!

HOpe all is well!

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