Tuesday, June 5, 2012

savannah, GA

On my recent trip to the Peach State, Jen and I 
spent a night in Savannah. 
WOW. I was charmed. 

How fun were these.
They look like trolley cars 
but they are for tourist. 

I loved them anyway. 

The Victorians... ahhh 

these amazing Painted ladies of the south.
Can you just imagine the history that these
grand homes have seen,
(is it me or do other people try and imagine who has lived in homes?) 

These porches? the front doors? 
I am so happy that I got to experience this with Jen. 
She ooo's and ahh's over the same things I do. 
To find beauty in the little details. 
just look at the gingerbread on these homes. 
The sleeping porches... 
the ceiling fans outdoors.... 

What an entrance! 

These beautiful homes all sat around a green,Forsyth Park which is
  10 acres in the middle of the city.  
This fountain was breathtaking 
built in 1858. Can you just picture the victorians parading around in their 
bustles and corsets. Adorned with all their lovely hats, perhaps a parasol to
keep the harsh southern sun from their delicate skin. 

(loved all the cruisers with baskets around the city)

Many of the streets are still cobblestones. loved that I found some peaking thru
from out under the asphalt. 

The Brick was a dream. 
the advertising all faded and glorious. 
Well, We were in all our glory! 

I adore architecture. I mean really
these doors, walls, windows... all lovely. 

The Main St is down on the river. 
There were so many amazing little shops down there. 
Beautiful people as well. 
this man was one of many street performers. 

When we first went down I took this picture. 
I have a thing for clouds... 
They are like paintings to me. 

This was taken as we were leaving and a storm was moving in very quickly. 


I LOVE the south. I love all the beautiful history and the kind souls. 
But the one thing I can't get over is the flying of the confederate flag.
always seems strange to me to see it flying. 

The Drive back was rural and lovely. 

Jen even turned the car around and I ran across the highway
to capture some breathtaking  images. 

(see the rainbow above?)

Man we are so blessed to live in such an amazing 
country. Beautiful and Free. 

oh and I almost forgot... I about died every-time I saw Spanish Moss. or Spanish Beard 
or French Hair or greybeard.... 
It really is fascinating and you should look it up and read all about it here



Paul said...

Those are fantastic, Aim'!

I only spent a few hours there YEARS ago, but it made an impression - one of these days will have to travel back there!!

ginanorma said...

OH my gosh, how INCREDIBLE amy!!! I want to go so so bad, It's on my list! So so happy for you, and these pictures are outstanding, I am relishing in each one!

Betsi* said...

Oh! I want to go there! I've always dreamed of a visit to Savanah! I love the South as well. I travelled through quite a bit of it last summer doing the Longest Yard Sale. But Savanah is a special kind of South, all mint juleps and gentility.
I'll get there someday!

Sean and Kristin said...

Wow those pictures are beautiful, it definitely makes me want to take a trip there...glad you guys had such a wonderful time together. Also, your other post "quickly" made an impression on me, so hard to imagine mine graduating high school but I know it will be here way too soon and I won't know what happened to the time.

Jen said...

I love that we can go to the same place together, take pictures of the same things and still have completely different looking pictures! What a fabulous time we had! Oh Savannah, how we love you so!

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