Friday, June 1, 2012

Bee U ti full

The Honey Bee

While I was away in Georgia,
cam across a local bee Keeper. 
She was amazing.Her name is Deb Sasser of Sasserfrass Hill Bee Farm

She is truly passionate about Bees. 

And I learned some amazing incredible facts about bees from her 
while we visited. 
Did you know that Bee's keep their hives at a constant 93 - 95 degrees! 
Amazing, all year long. 
She lifted off the top of her hive and we felt it. It had the most lovely 
fragrance of bees wax and it was so warm. 

Also, did you know that honey NEVER spoils. 
the only way it will spoil is if you take it too soon,
before the bees cap it off. 

Honey was actually found in some of the ancient tombs of Egypt. 
(holy Cow) 

She calls the Bees "her girls" How wonderful is that. 

The Queen Bee can live 3 to 4 years. 
The worker bees (which are only females) work so hard that they 
only live about 6 weeks. 
They actually work themselves to death. 
and the Drones... (the boys) only job is to mate with 
the Queen and then 
they die. 
(its a cruel world boys...)

During its short life the worker bees have many jobs. 
The first job is that of housekeeper. 
after a few days she is promoted to nurse bee. They feed the babies and also, 
 the young nurse bee's take the new
baby bees to the edge of the hive and teach them to fly! 
WOW, that is so cool. 
I adore even thinking about that. She teaches them to fly in tiny little circles 
to learn to fly with the wind. 
She is only a nurse bee for 3 to 10 days she doesn't sleep at all during this time. 
(sounds like new mom's.....)

I can't even believe how beautiful the hives are... 
how amazing hearing and learning all about 
the honey bees was. 
Oh man, there were so many interesting facts like the 
bee hives are antibacterial....
they produce Propolis  which is antibacterial....

oh and how you should find a local bee keeper and buy honey from them, 
it helps to reduce seasonal allergies. 
YUP I would much rather take some honey then 
pop Claritan everyday. 

I loved learning from Deb. 
I could have spoken to her for hours and hours. 
She was incredibly gracious and her honey is delicious. 

Bees are disappearing. 
could be due to the use of all pesticides and insecticides. 
(if they are killing off vital bees think of what they are doing to our bodies.) 
We need more people like Deb to help educate people about these wonderful amazing creatures. 
and if you don't know there is a CREATOR after learning all about bees 
and how amazing they are... well i just don't even know what to say...

This is her pup.... what a cutie. 


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Jen said...

You might have BEEn in your happy place here! ;) what a fun, random, last minute field trip that was!!

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