Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Explanation of why I had neglected by BLOG last week cont...

Now where was I , oh yes......., Madelyne Lily turns 2 last Wednesday

How can that even be possible? I sit here and marvel at God's amazing hands. You take this small tiny precious little being just 2 years ago....

minutes after she came into this world

the very first time I held her in my arms

One year old

Two Years Old complete with afro

Singing Happy Birthday

Watching the Yankees Win on her birthday night with Daddy
BTW- she actaully does just sit right next to her father, cuddled in, while they watch baseball. She is the only one who will. : ) It makes my heart smile. He has to watch what he says because she repeats every single thing that he cheers......." Go Yankees "

I made this birthday bunting the day before her birthday and I love how it turned out.

Anyway, I love this age. Two is so fun. Plus it is just fascinating how much she has changed in 2 years. Only God could do that. Pretty Cool! She was thrilled. This was really the first time that she actually understood the opening of the gifts. Christmas at our house this year should be a blast.

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