Monday, November 2, 2009


We had so much fun. We went to my sister's house and had pizza and then we went trick or treating. It did rain on us but we had a great time anyway. Lots of good memories were made that night. Grace, my oldest niece, held Maddie hand and walked her up to the houses the whole night. She refused to put her candy in the bag so needless to say she had some very wet and melted candy by the end of the night. She also ended up dropping most of it... that is ok she had a blast, & She did sleep very well that night. After we got back we all jumped in the car for Taco Bell and had our free Taco's which I did bring my camera in.... Too funny.

Sara and Linnea Hippie and Fairy

Ben The Thing

the whole gang, well minus Emily and Zach.

Kirk filling his canteen with water.

G I Joe and my sister... This was really fun. It is the small things....

The kids eating the tacos.... Yum

Sara & my Niece Grace... need I say more

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