Monday, July 18, 2011

Lovely Birthday Buttons

Birthday Buttons

I don't really know how I missed this...
I have been through these boxes at least a million times. 

I have collected buttons as long as I can remember. I think I may have been eight when 
my love of them began. 
I was with my mom at an estate sale ( I still know just the house)
and there was a brown tin full of buttons there. I don't know what it cost but
I asked my Mom if I could have them and 
she bought them for me. 

My Grandmother always supported me in this collection. 
She was always clipping a magazine article with ideas for buttons and
tucking it away in her drawer. When we would stop and visit she
would pull them out. 

So.... on my birthday I was looking for something. 
I can't even remember what it was but I was searching for it. 
I came across boxes I had piled up previously of some of my Granma's things. 
I am not sure how I missed these treasures. 
2 cigar boxes and 1 wooden bowl FULL of buttons.

The Talk of the Town

Seriously, look at these... I am so happy that Granma was a sewer. 
how'd she know that her 2nd Grandaughter would adore all things from the 30's and 40's and 
LOVE buttons? 

I believe that God had put them there for me only to find on my birthday and think of my Grandma. 
She passed away and went to be with the Lord 2 years ago the day before my Birthday. So I think I get a little bit down on my bday's now.. (and I am getting old...) 

These yellows ones maybe my favorite! 
with all their swirly yellow goodness. 

I adore that a lot of them she had written on. 
this one says, " Extra Buttons for Marian's sweater made in Florida Spring 1986" 
I have that sweater tucked away in my closet on the shelf. Gram always wore a sweater! 

I just made this last night I thought it needed a little button... PERFECT! 

this is one of my favorite pictures. My Aunt Bee gave it to me when I was caring for my Granma. After I told her how humble I felt washing her feat. She went home and dug this out. It is
me when I was about 2 right at my Gram's feet. 
I miss her a lot. it doesn't get any easier. Only knowing that one day
 I will be able to rejoice with her in Heaven. 

I am happy I was looking for that "thing" I was in a foul mood too because
I couldn't find it. 
Thanks for my birthday buttons, Gram. 

note: this is the keychain clutch by Keyka Lou Patterns


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Angee said...

What a lovely post and such wonderful memories. The buttons are beautiful. Visiting from Life Made Lovely.

Jen said...

Those buttons are amazing! LOVE the yellow ones and the picture of you and your Gram! And that keychain clutch?!? So cute!!

hannah singer said...

love the sweet memories and ADORE the buttons! i have quite a collection myself :)

happy monday!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

what a lovely reminder from Him.
happy belated birthday to you!

Lora said...

amazing! what treasures! i love all things vintage, so this post really made my day! and i love the little wristlet you made, too! glad to have discovered your blog today! blessings, lora

{Amy} said...

oh wow, i love your collection. those animal buttons are fantastic!!

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