Monday, July 11, 2011


 Where  does the time go?
I feel like I have been so busy I can't breath since the end of June. 
Now it is the middle of  JULY.

Today started VBS. it is bitter sweet for me. 

You see this is where I met my dear friend Jen a year ago. 
It is here that I met a truly kindred spirit. 
I wish that she was here with me for this. 
(I was thinking of you a lot today, Jen.) 
So,  I have spent about the last 6 months helping get the entire program put
together. It is amazing to see God's hand stitching it all together. 

I wanted to share with you the craft that 
I picked to do with the ladies this year.

It is something simple and easy so that the woman can chat while 
making these. They are Tile Coasters and Hot Plates. 
Here they are.

You start with some tile. These are 4 x4 plain white tiles from Home Depot. 
I believe they were 13 cents a tile. 

Get some amazingingly pretty scrap book paper.
(by the way this stuff is so lovely) 

Some good old MOD PODGE & a Foam Brush

(which I was shocked that some people didn't know what this was) 
((doesn't everyone have this in their crafting closet??))

an exacto knife and a self healing mat. or you can use a pencil / ruler and scissors.

cut your scrap paper to the size you want,
I cut mine to 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 I like the border of the 
white tile. Mod Podge your paper on and let it dry

Tiles drying....

You then spray them with acrylic sealer.
You cut a piece of felt to cover the back & Hot glue that on.
Voila Tile Coasters.

Then I got to thinking for I think 40 cents you can buy an 8 x 8 tile.
Perfect Hot Plate size. so I made some of them as well. 

and I went crazy making buntings for this room. I wanted people to feel inspired. 

even picked some flowers from my garden this morning to bring in. 
Put them in my mod podged cans I made. Aren't they cute. 
I  saw that idea on Life Made Lovely Mondays once. 

yup, that is nicey jane. 
The chalk cloth reads Welcome 

Happy Crafting Ladies. 
The End. 


Jen said...

It all looks so amazing!!! I wish I was there to enjoy that lovely craft you planned. I missed you too today, I kept thinking about what I was missing:( Happy friendaversairy! And all that bunting is AMAZING! Chalk cloth bunting, brilliant!

Valley Girl said...

VBS is one of my favorite memories from growing up. Have a great week with all those kiddos. And here's to happy crafting!!!

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