Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mistress Mary, quite contrary how does your garden grow?


Mine has been doing very well.

Yes, I even have a few tomatoes almost turning red. 

We have had a great growing season. 

Yellow Squash, lots of cucs, green beans, 

and lots of peppers. (all though we haven't eaten the peppers yet.)

Maddie Loves to go out and pick the cucumbers. Then I slice them up (or Sara likes to slice them) 
and she dunks them in ranch dressing. 
(at least she is eating her veggie's)

Beautiful White Eggplant. Lots of them. 

Heirloom tomatos. Mmm mmm

BLT! can't wait.

Bountiful Yellow Squash. 

Snow peas! Yum. 

For the fall, Brussel Sprouts. 

and then I looked up, Sara yelled "Hey A Deer. "

Are you growing anything? I LOVE to have a veg garden. My 
Great Grandfather was a farmer on the land that I live on. 
I can't help but think of him ( I never knew him only stories from my Gram) 
While I am out working in the ( back 40 ) my little veg garden. 



Jen said...

Don't forget all your lovely mint and lemon balm ;) And Maddie is eating vegetables?!? Amazing! Wish I was there to sample some snow peas, they're my favorite fresh out of the garden, my mom always grows them in hers!

Paul said...

The veggies are looking great!!
....maybe I should have listened to Maddie & had some cucumbers & ranch dressing :p

Valley Girl said...

You are quite the farmer...veggies are looking great! So far we've picked lots of beans, lettuce, a few strawberries and peppers. The herbs are becoming monsters like they always do, and the pumpkin patch is threatening to take over everything.

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