Saturday, July 16, 2011

pot holders and life altering experiences

Okay, I know strange title. But I have a reason. 
As I had said previously, I had VBS this week. It was awesome. 
I saw God's hand in some amazing ways. 
First, I want to say that I learned some things this week. 
One, I didn't want to listen to what God was saying to me. 
I was being selfish and was only thinking about me. 

about 6 months ago I felt I was being lead to teach the woman's Bible Study. 
I was lead to believe I would do this. 
About 3 months ago I was told I wouldn't be by one of the ladies on the team. 
I reacted badly. 
I am not proud of myself when I think about it. 
I was quick to react, and emotional and quite frankly a jerk.
I was really hurt. 

I never once thought that maybe God had a reason that I shouldn't be teaching....

fast forward to a week before VBS. Still no bible leader for the woman..
I was kinda (okay really) like oh well... 
They even asked me to reconsider... nope. No thank you. 

anyway, to say the least I had some bitterness.

Sat I get a phone call. They had found a missionary that was home. She was willing to lead.
Could I call her. Sure. I did. I called her. Answered some questions about the previous years.

Monday came. 
I was blessed.

I was blessed with amazing fellowship and testimonies.

Uh... Amy, are you getting it yet. 
Nope, not yet I am thick headed. 

Monday, God a friend.
Tuesday, God a husband.
Wednesday, God being our helper.
Thursday, God is our helper. 

Thursday night went home and told Dom that I want to go to Kenya. 
God will bring me there and open doors if he so desires me to be. 
I had an overwhelming desire to meet and photograph the woman in prison there in Kenya. 

Thursday night I was convicted. 
Yup, I got it. God needed Bev to lead. 
He needed that small group of 5 woman to be in place so that we could be blessed
by what she had to share. 

Praise GOD! He is so good to us. 
Even when we are dingbat kids that don't want to listen to what he is 
whispering in our ears. 

Friday Morning in the shower (serious I think God speaks to 
me in there because it is one of the only times I am alone)
A verse kept going thru my head. Jeremiah 29:11 
I didn't know that verse. (I am so bad with memorizing verses... 
have to work on that

Got out of the shower and looked it up. 

For I know the plans I have for you (amy) ,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you (amy) and not to harm you (amy), plans to give you (amy)  hope and a future.

It is like God banged me upside the head.... 
God, knew. He has always known. 
I didn't bother to try to know HIS plan. 
I was being a stubborn and obstinate child. 

Convicted, I need to apologize to someone. 
I found her (the woman that I had held a grudge against for telling me NO. )
I saw her and told her what I had experienced. I told her I was so very sorry 
and that I prayed that she could forgive me. 
She did. I cried. She cried. It was lovely. 

I am not telling you this to get any pats on the back or sympathy or anything...
 I am telling you this because I was humbled by God. Because I let myself be. 
Sometimes we have to be knocked upside the head.. 
ya know what I mean.... 

Friday we praised God with our Voices in Song. 
sang my favorite Keith Green Song 
Oh Lord You're Beautiful. 

Friday was an amazing day for me. 

I am praying that God will allow doors to open so that he can use me in Kenya. 
I know that I have these gifts that he has blessed me with for 
a reason. I want to use them for His Glory. 

now onto the pot holders....

I went home on Thursday and whipped up some 
pot holders. 

1 for each of the ladies. I wanted them to remember  this VBS. 

 I made two extra. For my sister's.. Beth and Jen... 

Oh and by the way, the dust is about an inch thick 
because I have been busy with VBS. 
you can see it in these pictures.
Just being Real folks. 

the end.


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Jen said...

This sister is very excited for a pot holder ;)
I love that you were willing to be humbled by the whole VBS experience. It takes guts to go to someone and say you were wrong/sorry! Good for you for listening to God's whispers! (why does he always have to whisper?!? Doesn't he know we are all pretty deaf when it comes to Him and we need a good yelling every once in a while?!?) Love you and I wish I was there to share that amazing week! I'll come with you to Kenya!!

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