Monday, July 18, 2011

Treasure Hunting Tuesday

  Some may say it is a gift.... I think I may have to agree with them.... 

So here is to Treasure Hunting 

or some may call it 

Garbage pickin'. 

Even once I was told that it had to be one of my spiritual gifts... 

{okay, Jen told me that, but she of course was kidding.} 

I have been on a roll lately. 

& My husband usually rolls his eyes when I bring 

another Glorious bit of junk , I mean treasure home. 

"Do we really need another..." 

Ummm, But of course we do. 

So I thought I would show you what I have found lately. 

This I found my the side of the road today.... Threw it in the back of the van and about a mile later realized it  stunk like gasoline. Nothing a bit of scrubbing won't fix. 

This  is a rocking chair, needs to be cleanes,  sanded and painted. 

I found this amazing folding chair being thrown out one day. I love the color. 

and This beauty, I am going to prime and paint her. Maybe yellow. 
Not sure yet. 

It is a HUGE wicker chair. I love wicker. 
I like the eclectic mixing of the outdoor furniture around the fire pit. 
Kinda fun. 

Do you ever find things? Treasures? 

the end. 



Jen said...

Love them all!! And you never know, it could be a spiritual gift, you ARE saving your family money..... That MUST please the Lord!
And baaaahahahahahah with the gas smell! Bet that made Dom happy...

Jennifer said...

I need some treasures like that. I haven't been thrifting in MONTHS.......Love all of those treasures you found! Love your blog!

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