Thursday, June 30, 2011


I have been sick as a dog since Sunday night. 
A fever and aches and pains all over. 
It has been lovely...
Seriously sick like I couldn't get up and when I did it took all I had to do so. 

I did manage to rip the wallpaper out of Sara's room 
and scrub down the walls yesterday. 
All the while thinking I might die... and
if they found me laying there dead on the ground..
well at least I went doing something productive.

Okay, these are really odd thought to be having while scrubbing walls of wall paper paste. 


there I said it . 

And while I am at it... I really do LOVE some wall paper. I mean it is lovely. 
but preparing a room for paint after it has been papered is a PAIN in the rear end.

Well, I am happy that when I woke up this morning I was fever and ache free. 
I am quite certain that I will over do it today and end up back in bed.
 Tomorrow is my (bday) 
I am not looking forward to it.
I just feel old. 
YUP that is right.
I feel old. 
and feeling a bit depressed about the whole affair.

Oh well. 

I did receive the coolest bday gift ever from Jen! 
An amazing necklace she had made for me and I adore it. 

I will put a picture up tomorrow. 
since I am being very lazy and haven't taken my camera out...

poor neglected camera. 

Well, that is all. 
going to make a bunting out of chalk cloth and laminated cotton. 
Heather Bailey Nicey Jane  Laminated Cotton to be exact. 

I need  get my craft on ... makes me happy.
Helps me to feel better. 

Ahh Crafty goodness.... is there anything better????

and here is my crafty partner in crime... 

don't ya just love out squinty faces. 


Jen said...

Sorry you were sick, but yay for being better!!! So excited for you:) And about that ((Birthday)) YOU ARE NOT OLD!!! Get over it! You got alotta years left girl:) And I wish I was there for your ((birthday)) annnnd to craft with you. The End.

Paul said...

DON'T over do it today, Aim'!!
And as for your Birthday--Yea, What Jen' said!! ;)

Simple Life Journey said...

I agree about removing wallpaper. Ahh!!! It is a nightmare.

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