Thursday, June 2, 2011

Black Belt

My Dad received his Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. 
We all went to watch. It was pretty amazing. 

It was so emotional. Our Mom,
well, she was a wreck.

He had to fast for 3 days before testing and then 
on the last day of the fast They tested.
It was hours.
And I am telling you It was a little insane.

They did all these movement's
(i am not sure what all the things are that they did were called.)
Kick, punches...

I am sure I would have fainted and passed out
if just normally trying to do these things.
But he did it beautifully
without having eaten for 3 days!

He was throwing people.
(glad he didn't use me.)

I love that all of us were there to support him. 
This is one of my favorite shots of my
nephew Zach watching,
You see my Dad goes to every baseball, 
basketball game. In support of Zach, 
so to watch the intensity of Zach was a pretty
awesome sight to behold. 

He had to break some boards by kicking.
the first one he did some spinning backwards thing...
as this was not cool enough...

For the second kick he lined up my brothers 3 girls in
a row and did this crazy flying leap  over them and broke a board 
at the end! 

No For Real! Look again,

 He had to break a brick too

He didn't and was not happy about that.
But we love him anyway.
We are really proud of you Dad! You are an amazing man.

 Here he is with all his grandkids and the Grand Master Guy.



Jen said...

AMAZING! Great shots of such an awesome occasion! That flying kick is so COOL! He's one amazing man!

S and O said...

Oh how awesome!
Congratulations to your pops :)

Paul said...

WOW!! Even more reasons to not mess with Pops!! ;)

Astrid said...

Wow! I can't believe you Dad can do all of that. I just think about MY Dad doing all that, and it makes me laugh ;) Your Dad looks like one incredible man. And to be surrounded by all of his Grandkids, what a blessing!

Amanda Jo said...

A-MAZING! I have always been so impressed with martial arts!!! Congrats to your dad! :)

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