Friday, June 10, 2011


So who knew zippers were so fabulous....

Okay, well, our daughter, Sara, says she has always loved and adored them.
(Does that last sentence have way to many comma's??) 
((I am out of control.))

we picked up some zipper trim... 
Yes, zipper trim.

I got her a yard so it was 3.95.
Have no idea if that is a good deal, but I figured we better start 
garage saleing for notions, like zippers now...

By the way, does anyone know if garage saleing is such a word?
I figure it is the verb for : To Garage Sale...

WOW A D D BRAIN in action folks.


Here we go back to zippers. 
They had a book for 15 dollars that Sara thought we should purchase with
the zipper trim...

I literally laughed out loud.... 

"You silly, silly little girl, 
that is why we love bloggers. 
We will find a FREE Tutorial on Zipper Flowers" 

I told her. 

So we came home and I googled Zipper Flowers, Voila
hundreds.... popped up.

We did change it a bit and use hot glue. 
And she wanted a headband but... 
Was happy when I found 2 alligator clips
(that sucker is pretty heavy)

So, Although I assisted her 
this creation is SOOO Sara.

Her sister Emily's comment this morning was, 
"why, didn't you make me one" 
That's 17 year old talk for ( she likes it )

way to go my beautiful and crafty Sara Lynne. 
Oh how I love you. 

*sorry about the crappy pictures.. seriously, I had just rolled out of bed and I think I may have been still sleeping a little.

The End.


1 comment:

Jen said...

LOVE the zipper clip! That Sara, so crafty:) And I love me a good tutorial, what can't you find on the internet?!?

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