Monday, June 20, 2011

A post about nothing ....

So this was going to be a post about Father's day...
But I started to look through my photos....
And I found these photos of the last real family vacation we took to

I heart Virginia.

I couldn't believe how little the kids were. 
Especially Maddie.

and Emily. 

and Sara. 

It was such a fun trip. 

My goodness, I love to remember these moments. 

Then I started to see more photos... 
of our Baby Madelyne. 

Then I came across this one. 
Maddie reminds Dom and I a lot of my Grandma. 

So bittersweet to go thru your photos.
It is fun remembering just how far they have all
come. And it is hard missing
Grandma. How she loved her  great grandkids.

So Happy Father's Day to you Dom.

Thank you for sharing this life with me.

Thank you for being the husband and Father that you are.

I love you. 


Amanda Jo said...

What a sweet post and trip down memory lane! Thank you for sharing it!!

Paul said...

Another Great Post...they're all so great :)

Bless by Tone said...

What a great family you have. Thank you so much for your nice comment - I would love being a follower of you too :) Are you from NJ? I used to live in Elizabeth!! Tone

Jen said...

Ah! I'm so behind on posting comments! Love love love those pictures of the kids when they were younger! Maddie was (and is!) SO precious!! I could just squish those cheeks! That one with her looking at Sara with her belly sticking out?!? CUTE!! And the one of her with your grandma is wonderful! Man your dad looks like his mom!

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